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Which Colors will be Trending in Fashions of 2020?

Fashion Color Trends for Spring and Summer 2020

We offer our readers a first look at the key colors for women’s fashion that will be a trend for the spring and Summer season of 2020.

Choosing the color of the year has become an interesting tradition for many popular companies in the fashion field. In previous years, we have become friends with neutral and creamy shades, with extravagant tones and colors inspired by nature.

Here you will find an exclusive vision of three key colors that inspire the 2020 season. The refreshing tones reflected this season are Ink Blue and Camel. The Delicate Pink for its part, adds A contemporary classic and feminine touch to the colors of 2020.

Ink Blue

The classic navy blue is reinvented with ink shades updating its seafaring vocation. You can wear Ink blue as plain fabrics with a satin finish, flexible polished leather or dense and compact wool garments with a bright touch.  Ink blue can add depth in deluxe looks when worn from head to toe.

Shades of blue are inspired by the colors of ocean, Given the dynamics of the waters of the sea and the oceans, it is more than certain that the loose shades of the year 2020 will express the idea of ​​fluidity, but also of depth. After all, the ocean carries its waters in shades of green and blue, a color palette that instigates the recovery of calm and denotes a state of tranquility.

ink blue fashion 2020

From left to right: Yigal Azrouel, Christian Dior, Agnona
Images courtesy of Trendstop,

Delicate Rose Pink

Delicate Pink follows the color trend of the spring and summer season of 2020. The delicate pink tones bring a subtle and calm beauty, especially to informal models, raising the aesthetics level. Pale roses bring lightness to multi-season knitwear, while the fluid weight of the fabrics and the simplicity of the silhouettes have a refreshing and modernizing effect in formally sweetened tones.

delicate pink fashion 2020

From left to right: Markus Lupfer, Theory, TSE
Images courtesy of Trendstop


A natural sensitivity invades neutral tones, bringing a new dimension to the classic camel color. The cooler nuances in camel yellow brings sophistication to rustic knitwear, and gives warm clothing a more refined appeal. Camel color follows the sustainable trend that designers are betting so much on for the year 2020.

camel color fashion 2020

From left to right: Apiece Apart, Christian Dior, Bassike
Images courtesy of Trendstop

What other colors you can always wear?

Every season, spring/summer and fall/winter, designers introduce a new shade for the season. This does not mean, however, that we must completely exclude from the wardrobes, those garments that have colored our outfits in previous years.

Three colors continue to repeat, season after season:

Rich red – a strong color denoting confidence and red looks good as a dress, jacket, shoes or pants.

Scarlet Red Fashion Color

Cobalt blue – blue is the most common preferred color and there are more shades of blue than there are of any other color: baby blue, marine blue, navy, dark azure, indigo, royal blue, sky blue, light sky blue, and then you get into all of the shades of green and blue mixed.

Olive green – not everyone looks good in olive green. It perfectly suits women who have an olive complexion and hazel eyes.

If you pick one of these colors, you’ll know it won’t go out of style. You can mix it up with scarves, shoes, tops and jackets.

What your favorite color says about you?

Were you ever curious about what the colors you wear mean? Here you can find more about your personality if you like these most common colors:

Red – women in banking industry were always told to never wear red because it intimidates the male customers. Red does stop traffic and those bold enough to wear it are extroverts with an assertive disposition.

Pink – this tempered red has a tranquilizing effect; you are a romantic and considered gentle and sweet.

Yellow – evokes sunshine, you have high energy, are cheerful and people gravitate to you.

Orange – the mix of red and yellow, orange has both colors’ traits with less intensity. You are probably a little gregarious.

Purple – this unconventional color has a creative connotation and is associated with royalty, an air of elegance.

Green – similar to a wide open field, green is serene; a balance of warm and cool tones and suggest you are stable and approachable.

Blue – the most preferred color conjures sky and sea, elements of clam, trues and dependability.

Brown – this rustic color denotes an down to earth attitude. You are relaxed but you are also reliable and responsible.

Black – suggests strength, seriousness and sophistication, but is also a bit mysterious.

White – you are orderly and fastidious, you have to keep your outfit clean after all! You are considered a breath of fresh air.

Gray – coolness and composure, as in a statue. You are the rock that others rely on.

Although we do not yet know, exactly what is the color of 2020, we have enough clues to realize that in the next season we can enjoy a chromatic diversity that will help us get the most creative outfits.  Keep in mind the news in the fashion area, but remember that classic colors are always up to date. Therefore, you can always wear black, white and nude shades with confidence.

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