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The Micro Shorts of 2000 are back in fashion

Show off your lovely legs in Hot Pants this spring

For others, such an option may be, at most, a necessity, especially in the really hot days. But for those who are really passionate about fashion, at least this year, shorts are a versatile option to follow the trends and adapt their summer wardrobe to the latest trends!

Fashion likes to play extremes: while it can cover the female body with lines that blur the silhouette, it can also take it to the other end. This spring, it looks like corsets that seek to further emphasize the curves will be in trend. As we have witnessed in the recent catwalks, in addition to the waist, the legs are also enhanced with tiny garments. The so-called ‘hot pants‘ or ‘micro shorts‘ are to become one of the most powerful trends of spring 2020. Several of the fashion industry has agreed to rescue a garment from the drawer of the 2000’s whose Name (hot pants) was coined by WWD in 1970.

Saint Laurent has been one of those who has opted for these hot pants. We could see models such as Kaia Gerber wearing such micro shorts combined with a tailor’s vest and high boots, in the pages of fashion magazines of the 70’s. His proposes minimal versions in dark fabrics and prints.

On similar lines, Brandon Maxwell has also presented several hot pants made from fabric similar to leather or vinyl and similar styles to those we have seen in the 2000’s, with button-down shirt and sleeves, and with strappy sandals. These micro shorts further enhance the silhouette of the legs of the woman’s body.

micro shorts fashion 2020

From left to right: Brandon Maxwell Vogue 1953 and Saint Laurent
© Jamie Stoker/ John Rawlings

Anyway, if you haven’t seen the Louis Vuitton or Saint Laurent models in short shorts, you may be tempted to ignore them this summer, as before. However, it is not too late to discover which are the most trendy models of shorts and start to complement your daily outfits in the most creative ways. In the following, we will try to convince you that you too can create a special look with their help and that you must necessarily wear these hot pants in the summer of 2020.

We have this year of all lengths, colors, low and high waist, tight and baggy shorts. So, if you are a fan of this piece of clothing, Venice Vogue proposes you to see what are the fashionable shorts in 2020.

Sports shorts

sports shorts

You may not have thought that sports shorts could ever be stylish, but in 2019 they are cooler than ever. A natural stage of the fashion of day influenced by the classic sports articles was to bring in the daily outfits the sports shorts, elastic in the waist, of the type of those we wear in adolescence. I make a very good pair with sneakers, handbags and short t-shirts that we see in the trends lately.

Cylinder shorts

cylinder shorts

Also derived from the area of ​​sports activities, the biker shorts are one of the revelations of the season. In short, short tights have become the must-have for sexy summer apparitions, but they also demonstrate some solid knowledge about fashion. In ideal cases, the biker shorts are worn with oversized pieces: An xxl jacket, a men’s shirt worn outside or a wide sports shirt.

High waist paperbag style shorts

paperbag shorts

One of the most appreciated shorts models of the moment is the “paperbag short” and represents that model of high waist and creased pants. It perfectly accentuates the waist and depending on the length you choose, they will lengthen the silhouette, they will thin the foot or as the case may be, they will subtly mask the areas you want to cover.

Of course, besides these models, you have many other options. Elegant suit type shorts are a perfect idea for summer office outfits, just like the very short, slip type are a good alternative for vacations.

However, there is another version of these micro shorts in spring trends that also helps us to go back to versions before the very short pants of the 60s.  Hermès is one of the firms that changes cotton and other fabrics for the point in short jumpsuits, combined with leather belts, large bags and leather sandals. They introduced these shorts when the swimsuits were more conservative pieces.

trendy micro shorts 2020

From left to right: Jodie Foster, Michelle Pfeiffer and Hermes
© Jamie Stoker/

If Hermès’s pieces were full length, Salvatore Ferragamo has opted for micro knit shorts with matching top garments that have the same print. A sporty look that is sophisticated with garments such as raincoats in cold color palettes such as sky blue or moss green. His hot pants, so current, are also a return to the eternal relaxed shorts that have subsequently been linked to sports such as tennis or skates, and that also immortalized the photographer Deborah Turbeville during the 70s.

The celebrity world has also appreciated the phenomenon of micro shorts, making some immortals like the ones a very young Jodie Foster wore in Taxi Driver (1976). Since then, this garment has never left the closet: Michelle Pfeiffer was photographed wearing very tight and frayed bass, in the same line as the French designer Isabel Marant has proposed for spring.

hot pants fashion 2020

But if we have a recent reference, it is the one of the early 2000’s. Alexander McQueen introduced low-rise pants with the Bumster. Pop stars like Britney Spears or Beyoncé also made these shorts popular. The 2020 versions, fortunately, are much friendlier. Also, there is no need to wait for spring or summer: You can wear them with black bushy stockings until the good weather arrives.

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