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Fashion Trends for the Spring and Summer Seasons of 2020

What will be in fashion in this spring and summer of 2020?

Here’s what will be worn in the hot season this year!

The holidays have already passed, January is on the run and we are moving faster and faster towards February, the last winter days. The big fashion stores have already make room for the spring and summer fashions to slip into their showcase.

But until the spring arrives, we will have to keep abreast of fashion trends. So, what would be hot this year in the hot season?

Here are some tips from international designers and some opinions gathered from top fashion magazines around the world.

Fashion trends for spring and summer 2020

When discussing fashion trends, we should take suggestions from Nina Ricci about what she thinks will be worn or not in the next season. And, the directions she offers are very clear.

In the spring of 2020 shirt type dresses – in the form of a one-piece shirt-dress will be the new fashion. They are suitable both for the office and and as a casual wear in the city or for a trip. These dresses are elegant, comfortable and very versatile, and can be easily matched to any pair of shoes.

You can opt for an over-sized shirt or a classic style, a white dress with a pair of simple sandals, to make your day comfortable. But her recommendations can go even further, to go for bold styles, in pastel or vivid colors and of a completely unconventional design.

What recommendations do luxury designers in Australia make?

The recommendations of Zimmermann, Australia’s luxury soul brand, are even more attractive. These designers want to bring Victorian fashion back to life, but in a much simplified and trendy form. Lace dresses or embroidered outfits in the classic royal style, they say, will represent the new trend in 2020.

Also, the sleeveless blouses, made of various fine materials, will make rages in the fashion world. The waves are at least as characteristic of Australians. So, if you want to follow their fashion advice, wear any outfit that creates a wave look, which gives volume and a unique style to your looks.

Chinese fashion ideas for spring and summer season 2020

Eudon Choi is one of the best known designers in the Orient. Having completed her studies and spending her junior years as a Designer in Seoul, Eudon has quickly reached the biggest international scene, when it comes to genius ideas for office outfits.

It’s about short costumes, especially suited to ladies. Known for designing the office outfits of a special elegance, Eudon Choi wanted to completely transform the trend in office clothing in this spring and summer.

Her design – the short suit – worn either with skirt or pants, quickly caught the public attention. It has becomeone of the most popular creations, not only in China, but throughout the world.

As for the costumes, we have to also mention the famous Boiler suit from Chanel. These costumes made the world go around last year, and as the designers point out, they plan to stay on the trend in 2020 too.

Elegant, but at the same time very comfortable, this type of suit suits more for women who want to wear a smart and casual look in the office. As an an alternative and brave style, you could dress in such suits without any problem during the office meetings.

You can do this especially if you find a simple color and a slightly sober pattern. A good example for office days can be found below.

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